Inglewood Harvest Barn Farmer's Market in Alexandria


Comfort and affordable living in Central Louisiana.

Anchored by Alexandria, which carries a composite cost of living score of 97.4 as calculated by the Council for Community and Economic Research, Central Louisiana is a place where a dollar goes further than it does in many other areas across the U.S.

The region's many neighborhoods and housing styles vary from area-to-area, but generally carry a much lower cost when compared to other regions in the South. Many who move to Central Louisiana are pleasantly surprised to learn about the state's homestead exemption, which means property owners do not pay taxes on the first $75,000 of their primary residence.

Homeowner-friendly tax policies and a stable housing market work together to make owning a home in Central Louisiana an easy and affordable process — Alexandria's housing costs are lower than nearby cities such as Beaumont, Little Rock and Houston.

In addition, the region's presence in a state with a strong, energy-producing focus provides residents with access to cheaper fuel and utilities. Transportation costs that include everyday expenses such as gasoline and auto repairs are far less in Alexandria than in cities like Jackson, Atlanta, Dallas and Fort Worth. Similar to fuel- and travel-related expenses, utility costs ranging from home energy to basic telephone bills are also much lower in Alexandria. Utilities in cities like Corpus Christi and Mobile cost, on average, 24 percent more than they do in Alexandria.

Central Louisiana's competitive location offers companies a number of logistical and distribution advantages, which in turn help drive down the costs of goods and services. From higher grocery costs in Birmingham to more expensive basic household essentials in Dallas, Alexandria has competitors beat when it comes to daily living expenses — making Central Louisiana both an enjoyable, and affordable, place to live.


Source – Council for Community and Economic Research (C2ER) Cost of Living Index, 2014 Annual Report