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The city of Pineville organizes adult sports leagues based on community interest. Leagues opportunities include:

  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Incrediball
  • Softball

Incrediball plays like fast-pitch softball, but utilizes a cloth ball to reduce injuries and allows all levels of player skill and mixed ages to compete. Originally, the game was meant to maintain the integrity of building during indoor practice sessions. The family-friendly nature of incrediball has resulted in more than a dozen teams signing up on a regular basis.

The city’s popular softball leagues run throughout the spring, summer and fall and include three different groups: church, co-ed and men's. The softball leagues have had up to 40 teams because it's a co-ed league as well as participation from local churches. A handful of nearby churches typically provide one team each — or partner up to provide a team — and play in the Pineville league.

Sports like baseball and flag football typically have more than a dozen participating teams. Men’s adult basketball leagues play during spring, summer and fall, and flag football leagues are played from December to February.