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Montessori Educational Center

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Children at Alexandria's Montessori Educational Center take part in "messy art," study birds and water, and can explore the world through activities, such as golf and cooking. Enrolling children ages 2 through 12, the private school balances a child-centered environment with structured learning.

Montessori educational areas of excellence and innovation uphold the basic tenets of Montessori's "learn by doing," classrooms with mixed age groups and a student-to-teacher ratio of 6:1 for toddlers (the ratio is 12:1 for older children). Encouraging the self-directed, hands-on learning philosophy of the Montessori tradition, the school features a student garden and a large, outdoor playground. In addition to art and music, students age 3 and older receive daily Spanish instruction.

Montessori Educational hosts after-school programs and activities such as soccer, yoga, golf and private piano lessons. For children ages 3 to 6, there is also a summer school program.