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East Leesville Elementary School

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East Leesville Elementary School is ​a pre-kindergarten-through-1st-grade campus in fast-growing Leesville. Ninety percent of its students performed at or above grade-level expectations in 2012-13, according to the Louisiana Department of Education.

The campus combines nurturing elements such as a colorful reading garden, where children can make picture books or simply sit in the shade and read, with educational technology that includes two computer labs. East Leesville complements the fundamentals of reading and math by recognizing the needs of Vernon Parish's youngest students. Each school day incorporates educational enrichment such as music and movement, computer literacy, library skills and physical education. The school celebrates good behavior at its Friday "Ellie's Club" gatherings, where students sing songs, play games and exchange high-fives with the campus mascot, Ellie the tiger.

The campus also has a music room and an indoor play and fitness area allowing little ones to run and play no matter the weather. East Leesville is the feeder school to nearby 2nd-through-5th-grade West Leesville Elementary.