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South Grant Elementary

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South Grant Elementary School is a highly rated pre-kindergarten-through-6th-grade campus in the community of Prospect, a short drive from Alexandria. A vibrant science program that engages South Grant Panthers in activities like designing and launching their own rockets is a special area of focus at this Grant Parish school.

The curriculum includes fundamentals such as reading, social studies and mathematics along with physical education, library and music classes in voice and recorder. Classroom technology includes electronic whiteboards paired with handheld controls that encourage students to interact with the material that appears on the board. Teaching innovation at South Grant includes teachers' use of Accountable Talk, in which productive discussion among students in every grade advances in-depth understanding of subjects across the curriculum.

An enormous and colorful playground featuring multiple slides, climbing equipment and a fitness course reflects the high level of involvement of South Grant parents and teachers. A grant application submitted by the Parent-Teacher Congress to the Rapides Foundation provided matching funds for the state-of-the-art structures.

Students at South Grant connect to their community through its popular 4-H club, whose service projects include holiday visits to local nursing homes to play board games and sing with residents and a volunteer student cleanup initiative at the Alexandria Zoo. The program for fourth through sixth graders was named the parish club of the year for the past two years. The school celebrates the close of each year with a campus-wide field day of races and other friendly competitions that require skills students acquire in physical education classes. Award ceremonies every six weeks provide opportunities to celebrate students' positive academic and character development.

Photo Credit: South Grant Elementary