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West Leesville Elementary School

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West Leesville Elementary School is a 2nd-through-5th-grade campus with a​ B rating from the Louisiana Department of Education for 201​5-1​6. Ninety percent of students met or exceeded grade-level expectations for academic achievement in 2013, and the same year, test scores also earned West Leesville recognition as a state Top Gains School. The 12-acre campus is surrounded by the pine forests and rolling hills of Central Louisiana.

Music, physical education and library skills build on a core curriculum of math, reading, science and social studies. West Leesville uses technology to enhance learning across all subject areas, and its Accelerated Reader program encourages reading for pleasure and language mastery. The school provides a variety of special services to develop the full academic potential of each student, including a gifted track, speech therapy and occupational and physical therapy.

Campus and community events include a young authors' contest, social studies fair, fire safety week and Veteran’s Day and holiday programming. In 2014, students participated in "Reading the Most, from Coast to Coast," a nationwide Renaissance Learning contest that set a new record for total pages read.