Kisatchie National Forest

Saline Bayou: an Abundant Tributary

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Saline Bayou is a 100-mile-long tributary of the Red River and includes a 19-mile stretch in Kisatchie National Forest. Covering more than 7,000 acres of surface area over 11 miles, the tributary flows into Sabine Lake. Heavily wooded surroundings make this lake a quiet choice for fishermen looking to catch as many as 20 bass a day.

Saline Bayou is a popular area for hiking and boating. As the tributary travels south into Saline Lake, it flows through a variety of habitats from upland pine forests to tupelo swamps, making for scenic views from its banks or waters. Five launch sites provide access to various points along the bayou, including the Cloud Crossing Campground, a bottomland area growing hardwoods and pines with numerous put-in and take-out locations for canoeists.

From the campground, hikers utilize the nearby trail, which features a number of footbridges and ends at a nearby launch site. The trail is three miles one way, with the option of taking a longer loop or doubling back on the road. The trail, bayou and lake provide generous opportunities for bird and wildlife watching, photography and fishing.

Photo Credit: Kisatchie National Forest, Pineville