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Sports, Politics, Music and More in Capital City

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Baton Rouge is known for high-energy collegiate sports — most notably Louisiana State University (LSU) football. In the fall, LSU's Tiger Stadium attracts ​more than 150,000 purple-and-gold-clad spectators to one of the largest tailgate parties in the country followed by fierce match-ups between longtime rivals.   

Louisiana’s Capital City is also famous for its legacy of politics. The Old State Capitol and Museum of Political History overlooking the Mississippi River houses award-winning exhibits, including an animatronic version of Louisiana’s populist Governor Huey P. Long, which delivers snippets of the famed orator’s speeches. Nearby is the art deco-style capitol, one of Long’s signature projects and the tallest capitol building in the U.S.

Downtown Third Street features numerous bars, restaurants and the Shaw Center for the Arts, which has a 300-seat theater that attracts big-name musicians from a variety of genres. The city also hosts one of the fastest growing music events in the Gulf South, Bayou Country Superfest, a three-day festival that attracts country music’s biggest stars.

Outdoor enthusiasts and families enjoy the city’s 6,000-acre park system, which includes the Baton Rouge Zoo, Liberty Lagoon family water park, the Bluebonnet Swamp and Nature Center, the Perkins Road Extreme Sports Community Park, disc golf courses, mountain bike trails and dog parks.


Photo Credit: LSU Communications & University Relations; Forum 35