Rapides Symphony Orchestra


From classical music and theaters to museum exhibitions and sidewalk chalk murals, the arts thrive in Central Louisiana. The crossroads region is the backdrop for creative expression, producing artists as diverse as famed African-American folk painter Clementine Hunter to rock and roll legend Jerry Lee Lewis. Central Louisiana's artistic tradition remains robust, with numerous cultural events around town.

Professional fine artists, community artists and performers affiliated with local colleges and universities deliver traditional and contemporary offerings, including performances of symphonic music, choral music, live jazz, live dance, family-friendly musicals and dramas all staged in a variety of settings. Residents can also take advantage of art house films, museum exhibitions and commercial gallery shows. National artists-in-residence can produce their work in innovative Alexandria facilities offering expansive studio and gallery space.

Paintings, sculpture and ceramics are featured, not only in museums and galleries, but also at the monthly downtown arts market, regular art walks and annual riverfront events.