Alex River Fête

Events in Central Louisiana

The generous supply of weekend events in Central Louisiana showcases the unique culture and rich history of the region, bringing plenty of opportunities for residents to relax and celebrate. Central Louisiana residents live in a region that links all corners of the state and easily takes advantage of the resulting blend of festivities.

Each year, Louisiana has more than 400 food and heritage festivals, many within an hour or two of Alexandria. Regional events celebrate everything from crawfish and jambalaya to hand-crafted oil paintings on slate, wood carvings and copper sculptures. Music festivals last for days in Central Louisiana and include everything from zydeco and country to blues and jazz.

Residents celebrate more than the long heritage of food and music. Other events in Central Louisiana include Mississippi River kayak races and dragon boat races, a hot air balloon event and one of the biggest Christmas light events in the Gulf South.

Like the entire state, Central Louisiana values and celebrates authentic culture, history, music and family entertainment.