Kisatchie National Forest

Outdoor Activities in Central Louisiana

Outdoor activities in Central Louisiana come in all forms, much like its varied landscape. From protected outdoor land ranges comprised of rocky and hilly terrain to rolling plains and woodlands and tupelo swamps, the region boasts unique features not found in neighboring areas. In addition to more than 600,000 acres found in Kisatchie National Forest, Central Louisiana maintains nearly 470,000 acres, including 17 wildlife management areas and four national wildlife refuges.

Each area offers both recreational and educational outdoor activities. National wildlife refuges, in particular, focus on conserving the area’s habitat and wildlife. Covering approximately 60,000 acres, these protected areas allow low-impact activities to preserve the natural environment. Activities include hiking, boating, photography, wildlife viewing, restricted fishing and restricted hunting.

State parks and wildlife management areas provide boat rentals and overnight cabins and allow camping and watersports. While visitors explore the land, they can also benefit from on-site interpretive centers. State parks and historic sites frequently include visitor centers with additional information and maintain facilities offering exhibits, books, videos and other educational resources.

Those looking for exciting outdoor activities in Central Louisiana will feel right at home in the region’s scenic forests. Maintaining four of the five ranger districts in Central Louisiana, Kisatchie National Forest incorporates multi-use trails winding from half a mile in length to nearly 30 miles. Visitors use these trails for everything from hiking and camping to horseback riding and mountain biking. Southwest of Alexandria, the Kincaid Lakes in the Calcasieu Ranger District offer popular water skiing and swimming spots.